9 Methods to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone 2023

Most of the big-hitter apps you know and love from iOS are available on Android, though both ecosystems have their exclusives. You can also speed up this process by learning how to delete all photos from your iPhone in bulk before backing them up, so you're only saving the ones you really want to keep. If the issue "iCloud Photos not syncing" occurs, learn how to fix it from the troubleshooting guide. Select the contacts (.vcf, .csv, or .html) you want to transfer and click "Open". Don't touch the phones until the loading bar on both reaches completion.

best way to convert your android to an iphone

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Specify your needs and carry out the way you like best to transfer Android data to iPhone within minutes. AnyTrans also has features that go beyond the Move to iOS app. For example, it allows you to transfer contacts and all the call logs within a few seconds. On top of that, you can also transfer music, videos, PDFs, ringtones, and other documents using AnyTrans, as the app will automatically convert all the files to iOS-compatible versions. If you ever want to come back to Android, we have a guide to switching from an iPhone to an Android phone too! Also, check out our guides for the best Android phones and budget devices when you’re ready to return to the wilder side.

best way to convert your android to an iphone

Even if you don’t see some apps after the transfer, you should search for them in the AppStore and download them. Once you install the apps, they should work properly with the data transferred from your Android device. Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app. Download it on your Android phone, launch the app, and follow the instructions to get the phone ready. During your iPhone setup, select Move data from Android.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

If this doesn't work, then restart both devices one by one and try again. Disabling your mobile data connection may help as well. Make sure the Move to iOS app stays on your screen at all times. You might want to go to Wi-FI settings and disable settings like Smart Network Switch. This allows your phone to switch between Wi-Fi networks to make sure it's only using the fastest one. Try to do the transfer during a time when your phone won't get a lot of activity.

  • If your iPhone 14 does not, then the transfer may still occur, but files over the limit won't transfer.
  • On top of that, you can also transfer music, videos, PDFs, ringtones, and other documents using AnyTrans, as the app will automatically convert all the files to iOS-compatible versions.
  • Given the enormous spending power of all those iOS app users, converting your Android app to an iOS one for iOS users is definitely a smart decision.
  • The sleek and easy-to-use interface can save you time and do everything in a few mouse clicks.
  • Many things can interrupt data transfer, so take care of the following things to transfer data to your iOS phone seamlessly.

It’s possible to transfer data and apps from Android to iPhone, and all you need is an app on your Android device. You can download the app by scanning the QR code on your iPhone after selecting the Transfer to Android setting. Last but not least, it’s important to know that you can’t transfer everything from your Android device.

How to Delete Search History on iPhone Permanently

Once the batteries are topped off, connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi. If you use Chrome on your phone and want to transfer your bookmarks, make sure the app is up to date before starting the transfer process. Here take Gmail for example and show you how to transfer data from Android to iPhone in this way. This method may be time-consuming for you if you have a lot of data want to transfer. So, you can go ahead to learn the method below, which can help transfer everything from an Android device to iPhone easily and fast. Let’s check how it works to move data from Android to iOS.

best way to convert your android to an iphone

In the list of devices available for transfer, find your Android device and select it. To start transferring data and apps, you need to confirm the process with the code. Enter the code into your Android device to confirm the operation. The other option is to store your address book in a cloud-based tool like Yahoo Address Book or Google Contacts.

Apple Doesn't Play Nice With Others

The Google Photos app is very likely where you will store your new Android photos, and its AI tools for organizing and optimizing photos are super useful. Even if you don't use iCloud, you should consider downloading the Google Photos iOS app and directly backing up your photos to it before transferring your other data. Since the steps to move files from Android to computer have been detailed above already, here I'll show you how to transfer data to iPhone using iCloud. If you continue to experience issues, try forgetting any nearby networks.

best way to convert your android to an iphone

Our stores, offices, data centers, and operations are already carbon neutral. The hardware and software on iPhone are designed to work together efficiently to make the most of your battery life, so you can do more on a single charge. best way to convert your android to an iphone Check out our carrier deals — including when you trade in an Android smartphone — to save on a new iPhone. You can easily connect your new iPhone to your carrier and pay for it with your rate plan on one monthly bill.

It’s easy to from Android to iPhone.

Your team can download J2ObjC and install it following instructions in the Google/J2ObjC GitHub repository. The team can also view the source on the Google / J2ObjC GitHub webpage. As you can see, this tool will help you with porting application logic and data model-related code, however, you need to test it thoroughly. UI code for iOS is usually in Objective-C, Objective-C++, or Swift.

Apple only sells a fraction of iPhones in comparison and therefore has enough bandwidth to spend more time per user trying to fix their problems. Since Android makers put their own skin on top of Android, they need more time to roll out new OS updates. Google and Samsung are admittedly quick, but other Android makers take much longer and sometimes skip updates on their cheaper phones altogether. The iPhone does not have the most exciting camera system out there; in fact, it lacks quite a few camera features that even mid-range Android phones offer today.

What to Know When Switching From Android to iPhone

Plus, many apps tend to appear on the iPhone before other platforms. Hopefully, this helped make your move from Android to iPhone easier. If you have any tips or software you've used to transfer your Android data to a new iPhone please share in the comments.

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